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Of Trust

Lately I have written lot about hope – particularly since the miscarriage we experienced this spring. I’ve been very particular to label it as “hope” because I’ve stuggled deeply with the concept of “faith” – inasmuch as it’s defined in Hebrews 11:1 as “the assurance of things hoped for.” I knew God had called us to this journey as a gestational carrier, but I also knew He had never assured us of a certain outcome, though we  ...

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Of Our Purpose

Sometimes God teaches me a lesson and I think, maybe that one was just for me and I shouldn’t worry about blogging it. But sometimes He won’t let me go until I share it. This is one of those lessons. I few weeks ago, fresh in the mire of grief following a miscarriage and D&C, still worn out and slow after surgery, while my husband was at the men’s retreat I insisted he still attended¬†and my mother was at the grocery store making a chocolate run, I had my first moment  ...

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