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Transfer Day (Part One)

Today is the day of what we have referred to as “The Procedure” or “The Transfer” – in short, they will be injecting the embryo into my uterus this very afternoon. It’s a little bit of a surreal feeling – if all goes well, last night was my last night as a non-pregnant woman for quite awhile. Again, we’ve never put this kind of planning into, well, our family planning, so this is the first time I’ve ever known ahead of time what was  ...

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Surrogacy – The Fear

Here I sit at just under two weeks until T-Day. The Transfer. Until about two weeks ago, I couldn’t even call it that. It was simply “The Procedure.” I speak a lot in vague terms these days. For one, because these are terms my children, who know nothing yet of the reproductive cycle, will not understand. That’s important at this stage. For another, it’s because real terms make this, well, real. Don’t get me wrong. I do not long to hide from what  ...

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Surrogacy – The Why

I don’t remember how the conversation was started, but I remember, after this body of mine developed and birthed three babies, realizing how incredibly blessed I was that my body had such an incredible ability to do this thing it feels like it¬†should do, yet, as I saw so many hurting women around me, also recognizing it wasn’t a given. Having problem-free pregnancies and deliveries is an absolute gift. It felt, in a certain sense, like my body was just made to have babies. I  ...

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